El-Hibri Foundation – Promoting a Diverse and Inclusive Society

Fuad El-Hibri

Fuad El-Hibri

Fuad El-Hibri has a long history of associations with several well-known business enterprises around the world. Currently the executive chairman of the board of directors at Emergent BioSolutions, Fuad El-Hibri also maintains a passion for philanthropy. One of his community service endeavors includes involvement in the El-Hibri Foundation as the chairman of its board of trustees.

The El-Hibri Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. Founded in 2001, the organization is a tribute to Ibrahim El-Hibri, a devoted Muslim, humanitarian, and promoter of interfaith understanding. The principal mission of the foundation is to foster peace and respect among diverse communities with the vision of building an inclusive American society where everyone can achieve their dreams.

Additionally, the foundation offers a peace awards program that honors community leaders dedicated to strengthening the bond between people from different origins and faiths. Every year, it announces three categories of peace awards – the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize, worth $30,000; the Fearless Ally Award, worth $5,000; and the Community Builder Award, also worth $5,000. Some past award recipients include Dr. Betty A. Reardon, Pietro Ameglio, and Raj Mohammad Dalili.


El-Hibri Charitable Foundation Offers New Fearless Ally Award


El-Hibri Foundation pic

El-Hibri Foundation
Image: elhibrifoundation.org

Business executive Fuad El-Hibri founded pharmaceutical company Emergent BioSolutions in 1998. Today, he serves as executive chairman of the firm’s board of directors. In 2001, Fuad El-Hibri founded the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, which aims to promote understanding among diverse groups of people, particularly Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

Last year, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation announced a new $5,000 prize called the Fearless Ally Award. It is intended to acknowledge individuals who have spearheaded efforts to facilitate the inclusion of Muslims into American society. To be eligible for the award, candidates must demonstrate a commitment to reduce anti-Muslim bias as well as an ability to collaborate and build partnerships. Furthermore, nominees must successfully raise awareness of the needs and concerns of the American Muslim community, including methods to reduce discrimination and encourage inclusion.

The selection committee for the Fearless Ally Award comprises leaders in the American Muslim community. To determine the eligibility of each candidate, the committee interviews those with firsthand knowledge of the candidate’s community-building efforts. Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by others.

The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation’s Peace Education Prize

El-Hibri Foundation pic

El-Hibri Foundation
Image: elhibrifoundation.org

A graduate of Stanford University with a bachelor of arts in economics, Fuad El-Hibri went on to earn a master’s in public and private management from Yale University. He leverages his training to serve as executive chairman of Emergent BioSolutions in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Outside of this role, Fuad El-Hibri is the founder and chairman of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation.

The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation aims to amplify the voices of individuals who promote inclusion and collaboration across various groups in society. To this end, the foundation awards an annual Peace Education Prize to an individual who exemplifies its principles and contributes to building inclusive, equitable communities through activism or education.

Nominees may include nonprofit leaders or activists who have made a difference in the fight against discrimination of individuals in marginalized groups, as well as authors and thought leaders who have produced works on social justice and inclusion. The foundation also considers policymakers and institutional leaders who have created or guided community-building or social justice initiatives.

The winner of the $30,000 award is chosen by the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize Selection Committee, which consists of experts in community organizing and building. In assessing nominees, committee members may interview references regarding a nominee’s contributions to promoting inclusive communities. The foundation announces the winner at its annual Peace Awards Ceremony each fall.

Emergent BioSolutions – BioThrax

Emergent Biosolutions Inc pic

Emergent Biosolutions Inc
Image: emergentbiosolutions.com

As the executive chairman of the Board of Directors of Emergent BioSolutions Inc. in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Fuad El-Hibri is responsible for the development and manufacturing of vaccines and other treatments to fight diseases. Under the direction of Fuad El-Hibri, Emergent BioSolutions has manufactured an anthrax vaccine known as BioThrax.

Developed to help prevent anthrax, BioThrax has been tested in more than 25 studies and on over 500,000 people. Designed to be used prior to any exposure, the vaccine is approved for those between the ages of 18 and 65 who could be potential high-risk candidates. BioThrax can also be used after possible exposure to anthrax when used with recommended antibacterial drugs.

BioThrax works by stimulating the body’s immune system and helping to produce antibodies that protect against the protective antigen (PA) bacteria that carries the anthrax disease. By blocking the PA bacteria, it helps the body fight off the disease.