El-Hibri Charitable Foundation Offers New Fearless Ally Award


El-Hibri Foundation pic

El-Hibri Foundation
Image: elhibrifoundation.org

Business executive Fuad El-Hibri founded pharmaceutical company Emergent BioSolutions in 1998. Today, he serves as executive chairman of the firm’s board of directors. In 2001, Fuad El-Hibri founded the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, which aims to promote understanding among diverse groups of people, particularly Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

Last year, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation announced a new $5,000 prize called the Fearless Ally Award. It is intended to acknowledge individuals who have spearheaded efforts to facilitate the inclusion of Muslims into American society. To be eligible for the award, candidates must demonstrate a commitment to reduce anti-Muslim bias as well as an ability to collaborate and build partnerships. Furthermore, nominees must successfully raise awareness of the needs and concerns of the American Muslim community, including methods to reduce discrimination and encourage inclusion.

The selection committee for the Fearless Ally Award comprises leaders in the American Muslim community. To determine the eligibility of each candidate, the committee interviews those with firsthand knowledge of the candidate’s community-building efforts. Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by others.


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