Qualifying for World Vaccination Congress Awards

Internationally recognized for his achievements in the medical technology industry, Fuad El-Hibri is the founder and executive chairman of Emergent BioSolutions of Rockville, Maryland. The former CEO of Emergent, Fuad El-Hibri was responsible for the oversight and development of various pharmaceuticals and was named Biotech CEO of the Year at the World Vaccine Congress in 2011.

The largest vaccine conference on the planet, the World Vaccine Congress takes place annually in Washington, DC, and recognizes innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. More than 60 percent of conference attendees come from biotech, pharmaceuticals, and government bodies, and represent North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Various award categories are represented each year, and they can include anything from best clinical trial site to best early-stage biotech company. Each award has its own unique set of criteria for which ViE panels judge. To be recognized as the Biotech CEO of the year, candidates’ abilities to grow business from an early stage to mature company is taken into consideration. Judges also look at licensing and partnerships deals, acquisition of new funds, and other factors.


The Ibrahim El-Hibri Interfaith Iftar

The founder and executive chairman of the board of Emergent BioSolutions Inc., in Rockville, Maryland, Fuad El-Hibri is simultaneously involved in a number of philanthropic and community service endeavors. As the active chairman of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, Fuad El-Hibri strives to build a better world through the promotion of humanitarian aid and peace education. The Foundation brings together members of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities for the annual Ibrahim El-Hibri Interfaith Iftar.

When the time came to choose the day for its third annual Ibrahim El-Hibri Interfaith Iftar, the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation (ECF) decided to send a clear message. Its chosen date, July 16, 2013, marked both the eighth day of Ramadan and the Ninth of Av. By scheduling its Interfaith Iftar on a traditional day of Muslim and Jewish fasting, the ECF emphasized the importance of cultural understanding and interfaith dialogue. The gathering brought together religious leaders from all backgrounds, as well as Washington dignitaries to participate in an evening of discussion and reflection. The attendees enjoyed a keynote address by His Eminence Theodore Edgar McCarrick, an American Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, who spoke about the enduring significance of loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

This address follows an Iftar tradition that asks interfaith leaders to speak about issues that are common to all men. In 2012, Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin, director of the George Mason University Center for Religion, Development, and Conflict Resolution, delivered a lecture about various paths of social justice within the Abrahamic tradition.